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Samba Gold Alto Saxophone Stand

Our handmade wallmounts provide musicians with quick access to their saxophones, allowing them to easily grab these instruments whenever inspiration strikes.

"They reduce setup time, and enhance workflow and practice efficiency!"

Solid steel, can be mounted with up to 6 screws.

$ 134.95

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female music teacher demonstrating sturdy wall-mounted saxophone stand by Locoparasaxo

It's really sturdy!

As a music teacher working from home I have my alto out nearly all the time. I can tell you this is the most practical stand I ever had. Mounted at shoulder height it's so convenient to park or grab my alto. And I never have to worry about it falling over and getting damaged anymore ....

- Averil Parker (Montreal, CA)

modern livingroom with alto and tenor saxophone in wallmounts by Locoparasaxo

Save valuable space

Maximize your space and minimize clutter. Our wall mounts offer a convenient way to store your instrument securely on the wall, out of reach from pets, kids, and other household hazards. Freeing up valuable floor space in your home studio or practice room. Say goodbye to bulky instrument stands and hello to a cleaner, more organized space. Experience the freedom to play spontaneously and create without limitations.

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  • Clean & Pretty

    I used four Locoparasaxo stands to set up all four of of my trombones on my staircase. Much cleaner and prettier than floor-mounted stands, and I got a lot of floor space back! The stands are really solid and well-made


  • Easy to Install

    My Brecker Saxophone stand arrived today and it was so easy to install. My sax fits easily and securely in this stand and the quality of the stand is top-notch. Thank you for crafting an outstanding product and for your equally excellent service.


  • Works perfect

    Mounted a stand for my Selmer and it is absolutely secure and looks fantastic. Works exactly as advertised! Have two other Locoparasaxo wallmounts as well for alto and tenor. Great product!

    - John S.

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Paddy Melis owner and operator of

Manufacturers note :

As a sax guy ànd metal craftsman I know just what you want to find in your shipment from Locoparasaxo: sheer quality!

And I personally see to it that you are not disapointed! They all go through my hands for a final quality check!

Enjoy them, and thanks for ordering, Paddy Melis