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Aztec | Tenor Saxophone Wallmount

Having your sax out makes you play more and get better. A proven fact. But if you do, avoid the pitfalls of floor-based stands and embrace the practicality of wall-mounted saxophone stands. Allow yourself ànd your precious instruments the convenience and security our wallmounts provide.

No more mishaps and damages, just a sleek and safe solution that complements your space while keeping your instruments within arm's reach for spontaneous playing and focused practice sessions.

$ 139.95

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modern livingroom with alto and tenor saxophone in wallmounts by Locoparasaxo

Want to spend less? Check out the Soul Prop.

Maximize your space and minimize clutter. Our wall mounts offer a convenient way to store your instrument securely on the wall, out of reach from pets, kids, and other household hazards. Freeing up valuable floor space in your home studio or practice room. Say goodbye to bulky instrument stands and hello to a cleaner, more organized space.

Alto/Tenor Sax Stand SOUL PROP.

$ 84.95

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Manufacturers note :

As a saxophone guy ànd metal craftsman I know just what you want to find in your shipment from Locoparasaxo: a well designed quality stand that will last you a life time!

I see to it that you are not disapointed and personally check every stand before it is shipped out, and handle all service matters myself!

Kind regards, Paddy Melis