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Snake Davis:

“I’ve had the stands in the studio now for a fair few months. I’m really happy with them. They keep the instruments off the floor and out of harm's way. Saving a bit of space. They’re definitely well made and well designed. I think the horns look pretty up there as well and they’re presented well.”

Dan Thomas:

“I”m loving the stand Paddy, thank you! Saving my horn from a lot of damage and my repair men from a lot of work. Check it out guys, go buy one!”

Bobby Watson (Jazz Messengers):

“Hi, I'm Bobby Watson. I’m here to tell you about these great wall stands I have in my home now, I just love them. They’re safe, secure and they keep both my horns off the ground. I’ve had some great floor stands over the years, but nothing can compare to the safety, security and availability these stands provide at home. I highly recommend them. They’re also great when young kids come over, like my little cousins. They can see them, but they can’t touch them. I highly recommend them. So go out and get yourself a Locoparasaxo wall mounted stand. You’ll be glad you did.”

Steve Hamilton (Madness) :

"Thanks Paddy for these stands, I really love them! All the saxophones are now safely off the floor and it even keeps this beast of a Baritone up.”

Matt Darriau (Klezmatics):

“Howdy folks, I’m Matt Darriau. Friend of the world and Holland and I’m a multi instrumentalist. Mostly an alto player and clarinet and stuff. But in the jazzy world I do a lot of tenor but I don’t play it all the time. I have a lovely old collector’s item of a horn,1920's with a lot of fancy engraving. It’s a shame that it stays in the case a lot because I’m mostly an alto player. So the idea of having this lovely Locoparasaxo stand is really cool. We just installed it and it looks really good. Now I can walk by my horn and give it a toot for five or ten minutes without having to take it out of the case. Excellent product!” 


Besides the saxophone wallmount, we also produce wall-mounted stands for other wind instruments. We offer them for clarinet , trumpet, trombone and french horn!