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Bari up

Baritone sax wall stand looks great!….
Now have to get alto, tenor and curved soprano ordered!!!… easy installation!

Very nice looking, functional wall stand

sax stand

I ordered the sax stand for our summer house in the sweden.
When I will get there in June and everything is fixed, I will send You a photographic document
with best regards

The best wall mount saxophone stands!

Multiple earthquake tested/secure. Fully adjustable to fit your sax. Elegant design that doesn’t compete with your saxophone. Worth the investment.

I haven't kicked my saxes in a week!

I bought two stands -- for alto and for curved soprano. So well constructed. I have full confidence in these. Aside from being musical instruments, my saxes are now works of art! Thank you for making such a great product!

Perfect saxophone presentation

I use locoparasaxo stands for years.
Everything is perfect.
Soon I will order new ones for tenor and altosax in my summerhouse in sweden.
Kind regards

Excellent support from wall mounted French horn holder

I’ve had this attached to the wall for some years, and it holds my French horn securely without any scratching or distortion to the instrument. Easy to lift out and put back. Just make sure you attach it very securely to the wall.

Sax wallmount

Good design is never dull.

Best In Class

The wall saxophone stands are just amazing. Starting from quality and then appearance. They have all types and sizes to fit your need. .

The best at the market

I use the Locoparosaxo-Wallstand for my saxophones since many years and I am mostly satisfied in function and quality. I can highly recommend this products.
Dr. H. Bauer

Elegante stevige saxofoonstand

Ik ben zeer tevreden met de stand. Die is elegant, stevig en discreet. De stand smelt als het ware samen met mijn ouwe Martin tenorsaxofoon. Samen staan ze in een verlichte nis te pronken.

Nicer and better than Stagg

Looks nicer and is more stable than those from Stagg.

Works well, looks great!

Works well, looks great!

Trombone wall-mounted stands

Top, Super……..

The fanciest and bestest

Most other wall stands don't bother trying to look nice. This wall mounts look properly fancy and are professional and sturdy as well. Not just this particular stand, but all of them.

Great design, saxes are safer

Bought 5 wall mounted stands for my saxophones (including a baritone). They look great, adding a sophisticated appearance to my main room. I have to add also they are very sturdy over time - already 2 years from installation-, and saxes are safer as no one can trip on them accidentally. I can just grab them and play now. Highly recommended.

Functional and decorative.

Great stands, the perfect storage solution which also look cool 😎

great !

Perfect mounting wall easy to install, my Sax is nice on the wall.

Premier Craftsmanship

I've had my Locoparasaxo wall mount for a couple of years now and it was such a good purchase. If you are looking to keep your saxophone handily available for playing and off the floor (floor stands) to protect your instrument from being bumped or knocked over, this is where you want to purchase from. Strong, high quality craftsmanship and beautifully designed. I purchased the "Brecker" but if I was purchasing today, it would be hard not to order the "Samba Bronze". Thanks for designing and building a premier product Paddy.

Comfy and resistant

I have three stands from you guys and they're absolutely amazing. they're attached to my wall, one baritone sax, one alto sax and flute, they look nice there and they have resisted even a couple earthquakes. Anyway, the plastic "plugs" in the end of the pipes can get lost easily, it would be really cool if you guys do something about it, I lost four of them already, those things just pops out for pressure.

I use these every day

Lowering the barrier to entry for practice makes me play more and mounting my trombones on the wall in my office where I can just pick them up in seconds has made a significant difference. I've been using these stands for a couple of years now and they have proved to be durable and trustworthy. I would recommend them to others.

The perfect solution…

The best solution ever to keep your horns at hand, without cluttering the floor of your studio!

… a perfect match of quality and design

My intention to mount my saxophones on a wall came into my mind about two years ago.
Each Instrument of my little collection has its own history - one of them having its 100 anniversary in 2025.
I would be so exciting to know just a little bit of the long journey of the instruments. Believing that the old instruments have their own soul I wanted them to be a visible part in my small music room. Saying that I was searching for a ideal wall mount to be unique in quality and design. Contacting Paddy via email we discussed and shared some ideas of design and color. The way Paddy tries and finally fulfills customers wishes is extraordinary and rarely encountered.
On the arrival day I was really exited and curios. The wall mounts looked just unbelievable great. A 100% match of quality and design. The instruction manual how to fix them properly and secure was included. Even the screws, drill dowels and screw covers were sent.
When I first saw them in the internet I thought quite expansive…. But you know what??? Its worth any penny or cent or whatever currency you are dealing with…
It’s such a joy to have my saxophones so nicely presented, fully secured and save, not hidden and closed away in a case of bag.
Thank you very much Paddy!!
Regards Igor


I have two Locoparasaxo stands in my small home studio, that allow me to gain space with respect to regular tripod stands sitting on the floor. Previously, I had bought some cheap wall-mounted stands of a different brand, but one broke due to poor soldering. By chance I could catch my instrument before it fell. I have yet to see how robust the Locoparasaxo will be in the long run, but the construction looks very sturdy. Safety first!


I've been looking for a way to keep my trombones out of their cases and easily accessible, but I didn't want to use normal floor stands (I have cats who would knock them over in a heartbeat!). These wall mounts are perfect -- they hold my trombones securely (and safely out of the cats' reach), but it's a snap to grab them off the wall and play them. In short, they are exactly what I was looking for!