Locoparasaxo Business Orders

If you are interested in selling Locoparasaxo products to your retail customers, please fill out the contact page here. Retailers are required to only sell in their local store or on their store website. We will get in touch with you after your company and site have been reviewed.

Locoparasaxo is the world’s only company to produce wall-mounted instrument stands for use in domestic and other off-stage settings. With this wholesale section, Locoparasaxo aims to reach more potential retailers, other businesses and educational institutes interested in safe storage of their wind instruments. As a result we hope to improve Locoparasaxo’s branding and gain a larger representation in the musical marketplace.

For most instruments, and in particular for saxophones, safety and secure storage is essential to retain their perfect working condition. Besides that, the instruments placed in our stands are always handy and beautifully on display, even in potentially hazardous environments.

We have designed wall-mounted instrument stands of outstanding quality and reliability, and it is our goal to make them available to musicians and music aficionados all over the world.

We welcome:

Musical Instrument Shops
Music Schools
Repair Shops
Dealers of Wind Instruments
Collectors of Wind Instruments
Wind Iinstrument Manufacturers
Live music Event Venues
Jazz Clubs
Retail Shop Designers
Tradeshow Exhibit Designers
Celebrities for Merchandising


Locoparasaxo reserves the right to sole vending on Amazon and other larger marketplaces like Ebay.