Warranty / Care

Locoparasaxo warranty:

Our instrument stands are made of steel and their construction carries a lifetime warranty. In addition, we offer a free replacement part service for all additional components of our stands for a period of 10 years. After 10 years replacement parts are still free but we will charge a small fee for postage.

Of course we cover all defects which are clearly manufacturing defects. These have to be reported to us by email to info@locoparasaxo.com within seven (7) business days after receiving your order, accompanied by clear pictures of the defect. Please also read the conditions of our Shipping and Return Policy. If you purchased one of our products from a local dealer, contact them first with any warranty issues.

The warranty does not cover the following:

Damages resulting from faulty or improper mounting.
Product defects which are the result of improper use, exceptional environmental conditions, abnormal operating conditions, strain or inadequate maintenance or care.
Product defects which are caused by the use of replacement parts which are not original components.
Products which have been modified or altered.


The components of our stands were carefully selected for their quality and they are largely maintenance free. The rubber composite used on our saxophone stands was chosen for the high level of friction it offers to when in contact with these instruments. The only maintenance required for it is a gentle rub down with some silicone spray applied to a soft cotton cloth once or twice a year.