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Alto Sax Stand SAMBA GOLD

Alto Sax Stand SAMBA GOLD

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Saxophone Stand Samba Gold Alto

The finest gold coating we could find is currently reserved for our Samba Alto! Its beautiful wallplate realy jumps out, radiating sophistication and quality. The stand provides a solid, dependable home base, offering way more safety and convenience compared to traditional floor stands. The design offers 6 positions for screws, 3 of them used in this shot, which is plenty, even 2 would do in a stud!

Having your saxophone out encourages regular practice, that is a known fact: it's more in your face and easy to grab!  Now you can give it a really safe spot with one of our wallmounts and you're on your way to more play and improving your skills!


As you can see in the photos the bow-support can be put in three positions, in case a valve guard is in the way. If you want to check : it is adjustable from 4 to 5.5 inches or 11 to 14.5 cm measured from the bottom of the upper bracket. The latter has a 6 mm. steel core welded firmly on the saxstand's body. For padding we used a special high friction rubber tubing, firmly resisting movement of the polished metal surface of your horn. Distance from the center of the stand to the wall is 9 cm or 3.5 inches in case you want to check your bell. The round wall plate has a thickness of 4 mm. and 6 holes to choose from for solid mounting with at least 3 screws. To make solid mounting easier on a wall's studs, you can choose from 6 holes to put in at least 3 screws. Wallplugs, screws, are supplied as usual, as well as black screw covers for that finishing touch!

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Fine steel and high friction rubber, industrial grade knob and plastic finishing caps.

Care Instructions

To keep the rubber in good shape you could occasionally rub it with a dash of silicone spray and a microfibre cloth. This also keeps its color dark and lush.

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bright familyroom with sofa and two saxophones mounted on the wall

"It is ever so satisfying when you just received and mounted the stands and you slip your horns in and admire the view! The sheer joy of looking at those amazing instruments! And they add a lot of style and grace to our livingroom too." One of our customers wrote....

Give your instrument a safe home base on the wall, enjoy its good looks and play more!